Ocean Princess

Underwater Online Ocean Princess Slot

This watery slot game from Playtech is understandably, based on the title, a slot game set to an underwater theme, one led by a wonderful Ocean Princess that is as elegant as she is wet. The gameplay of the game is easily understood, though the graphics of this predominantly blue slot aren’t particularly up to date with the standards set today. Otherwise this Playtech slot has a fair few contributing aspects that carry out this underwater theme quite well despite the potential dip in graphical display. Here the symbols stand out well, casting a firm light on the outset this water based theme choice has taken.

The game is fundamentally a 3 reel 5 pay line slot, but Ocean Princess has a rather unique setup in this regard with 5 rows on the reels and a spinning feature that employs more strategy into what would otherwise be a purely chance based game. There are a manageable amounts of betting options which does allow a fair range of players a betting level they find more acceptable. The bonus features that this predominantly blue slot has includes the aforementioned multi-spin feature as well as quite a high paying Wild symbol.

Diving into the Underwater Theme

The underwater theme has held quite an attraction throughout history because like jungles, space and more this type of theme triggers the feeling of mystery inherent with these ultimately unexplored locales, one that potentially could entail reward of some kind on top of which. Underwater treasures, mermaids and more of the factors seen on this slot hold some of the mystical whimsy that has come to be associated with such a scenario. In employing the theme Playtech have included some associated sound effects, an otherwise vivid backdrop style to the reels and of course the symbols themselves on Ocean Princess.

The symbols on the reels actually may require some further detail, especially in this Ocean Princess slot game due to the Multi-Way feature that allows players to have more of an impact on what combinations ultimately end up on the reels at the end. These symbols include turtles, crabs and even a few seahorses, with of course the fine maiden this slot is based on taking a more central role. The graphics may not be the best in the industry with this slot game but with the entirety of the theme setup employed and the symbols found on the reels a proper atmosphere is created, especially with a little assistance in the way of imagination on the part of the players.

Ocean Princess Bonus Features Employed in Game

The first and most prominent feature of this Ocean Princess slot is the one that has been mentioned several times in passing already, the Multi-Way feature. This allows players to spin the bottom line only at first, hold symbols in place, and then spins the rest of the symbols onto the reels. This is all at the cost of a single spin and can allow for some intervention by the players.

The Wild of this slot is the other bonus feature and comes in the form of a Crown and not only provides a joker symbol for the game but also can award up to 1000 times the line bet as a paying symbol. This makes it quite valuable to lookout for in Ocean Princess slot.