Magic Boxes

Microgaming’s Magic Boxes Slots Game

Magic Boxes is a video slots game developed and released by Microgaming. It offers five reels with twenty five pay lines, as well as numerous bonus features and extras, and is available as both a real money game and a free play game with no deposit required.

Magic Boxes offers a theme uniquely centred on magic. The graphics as well as the music promote a magical atmosphere, and the symbols also draw on popular magical symbols. Some of these symbols include a magician’s cylinder, colourful magic boxes, an oracle or magic eight ball, as well as a wooden locomotive, and standard playing card symbols including the nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and aces.

The Wild Symbols

The wild symbol in Magic Boxes is the icon of the magic box. The game offers more than the standard wild symbol, as there are three different colour magic boxes, and all of these may be played as wild symbols. These are the blue magic box, red magic box, and the green magic box, and they appear on the second, third, and fourth reel.

The Scatter Symbol and Bonus Feature

In Magic Boxes, the scatter symbol is represented by the black magic eight, or oracle, ball. If players land three or more scatters anywhere on an active pay line, this will activate the free spins bonus feature.

Depending on the number of magic eight balls landed, the player will be awarded with a different number of free spins. If the player lands three magic eight balls, eight free spins will be rewarded. If four magic eight balls are landed, this will result in sixteen free spins. And, finally, if five magic eight balls land on a pay line, the player will be awarded with twenty four free spins.

In addition to the free spins, the wild symbols will also act as a multiplier during the bonus round games. If any of the wild colourful magic boxes appear during the free spins, these will act as a multiplier of various amounts, depending on which colour box appears. If players land a red magic box, this will be a 2x multiplier.  A green magic box will act as a 3x multiplier, and a blue box will act as a 4x multiplier.

How to Play Magic Boxes

In order to begin playing Magic Boxes, players will have to select how many coins they wish to bet and how many pay lines they wish to bet on. They may choose the ‘Bet Max’ option, in which the maximum pay lines and maximum bet amounts will be automatically selected. Alternatively, players can use the plus and minus buttons to select the coins to be bet. Players may also choose a ‘Double Up’ function, in which they will be able to set up a game that offers double payouts. In addition, they may also choose the ‘auto play’ mode, and pre-select the pay lines, bet amounts, and number of spins they wish to have played automatically.

After the desired features and options have been selected, players will click the ‘Spin’ button in order to spin the reels. Once the reels have stopped spinning, the results will be compared to the pre-set pay table, and any winning combinations will pay out. Any bonuses or extra features will pay out additional amounts.