iPad 3 Card Poker

iPad 3 Card Poker

3 card poker is a variation of standard poker, but designed to have a much faster turnaround time. This increased turnaround time is beneficial not only to players, who experience a much faster paced and exciting game, but also to casinos, who see an increased revenue based on game speed.

As apposed to standard poker which has five or seven cards, 3 card poker, as the name says, uses only three cards. The game follows the standard value systems of poker in all other regards, but is obviously restricted to hands that can be created with three or less cards. For this reason the game is focused primarily on double and triple card hands.

The game is available in may real world casinos, and has recently seen an online version created. iPad 3 card poker is said to be the best possible playing experience when using a mobile device. The game is, however, available also on desktop computer and mobile smart phones. To start playing now, simply download an application via the appropriate app store; Google Play Store, Apple iStore or at iPad casino sites.

iPad 3 Card Poker Benefits

The iPad is said to be the best middle ground between a mobile phone and a desktop computer. Although iPads don’t have as much power as most desktop computers, they are mobile, light, and very portable. And, although an iPad is not as portable as a mobile phone, they tend to have a much longer battery life and larger screen. For this reason iPad 3 card poker is the logical choice for many. In terms of screen, an iPad offers high definition resolution, which is important when trying to clearly see which cards are on the table and how the game is progressing.

There is, after all, nothing worse for a game of 3 card poker then having to squint to make out the cards. A larger screen surface also means improved interactivity, since touch screens work based on screen size, and a larger screen means a more responsive experience.  However, it should be noted, if a person prefers to not be bound to a single platform, it is easy to move between playing platforms. This is because a single account may be used on an iPad, mobile phone and desktop computer, with important information being carried between all three platforms.

iPad 3 Card Poker Online

3 card poker is a game that can be played exclusively against the house, but is much more fun when played in groups of three or more. Many online versions of 3 card poker have multiplayer functionality, meaning that a player may jump into an online game and play with others at any time. There are, amazingly, very few restrictions where online play is concerned, meaning that a person my find themselves at a virtual table with players from across the world.

Keep in mind, however, that multiplayer game play experience may vary depending on the stability of the internet connection used. It is recommended that the most stable internet connection possible be used, to avoid awkward game play, dropped games, and other inconveniences.